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Health care or the lack thereof

So I’m waiting for a prescription at my local phaRxmacy. Along comes this fellow who asks the phaRxmacist what to do about a burn since he can’t afford health care.

She tells him the basics of burn care, no don’t use that peroxide again, something to moisturize, aloe, etc. Then she asks him where his burn is. He lifts his pant leg up to his thigh and there are LARGE DARK RED SCAR TISSUE PATCHES all up and down his leg, and his ankle is the same size as his knee since it’s obviously infected badly.

He has a job, because he’s telling the nice lady about some project he did and the people he did it for, but I don’t recall more details because I’m more worried about the chances he has of NOT getting gangrene.

Ladies and gentlemen, say what you will about capitalism and profiteering, the govee, politicians, insurance companies, etc., but we CAN NOT keep letting our health care system allow folks like this feel they have no choice. Look at it as simple economics – pay a little for preventative care and/or initial treatment or we can keep ignoring things until they turn into HUGE UNSOLVABLE PROBLEMS that cost tons more money to fix.

Sure sounds like penny wise pound foolish to me.