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Local produce – The Other Coast 9/14/12

The Other Coast by Adrian Raeside on Creators.com – A Syndicate Of Talent.


Welcome to Walmart electronics where we have a ZERO percent batting average!

A couple of weeks back I picked up a couple of pair of speakers at Wal-Mart.  I didn’t need anything special or high-end, just something less tinny sounding than my cell phone’s built-in speaker.  Two different models/styles (same brand, neither hailing from Bentonville Arkansas, a/k/a store brand) suitable for the locations where they were to reside.  One pair had noise so low I had to turn off the air conditioner to notice any output AT ALL  The other pair weren’t as loud as the first.  On multiple cell phones and a computer that work well with other headsets and speakers.

Finally got around to bringing them back today.  In a bag.  To a store whose service desk is 20 feet away from its rat maze in which we unfortunate idiots who are forced (through our own stupidity) to need their “service” must queue.  From 15 feet away she knew what was in my bag and why.  FROM FIFTEEN FEET AWAY.  IN AN OPAQUE BAG.

I gave up on the idea of both that brand and unamplified speakers.  Found a pair of powered speakers in the computer section. Too large and ugly for the second place, but adequate for one.  While I’m there I figured I could get a cd/clock/radio to replace my son’s dysfunctional one.  Neither of which are the same crap brand as the first speakers.

Tried the clock radio first.  DOES. NOT. EVEN. POWER. ON.  I’m not repacking this crap, it’s going back in a pile of rubble as is.  Along with that other pair of speakers, unopened and untested.  ZERO for THREE?!?  I’m not even going to bother with the fourth try.  It’s just not worth my time and energy to unpack all that crap, put everything together, and try it just to not have it work like the last three items.

Moral of the story: you will not save ANY money by buying electronics at Wal-Mart.  If you include the value of your time you will come out behind every time.

I will most certainly NEVER return to this store because of this, as well as the last trip a snotty cashier who wouldn’t accept a legitimate coupon on an item it qualified for (for a bank breaking $.75 to the world’s largest retailer), and the just general ANTI-caring* way people are treated in this refuse bin.

And since no single store sells anything without it being approved and/or mandated by corporate HQ, they have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt there is no one alive and still employed at Wal-Mart HQ that Sam Walton would have allowed in the building, let alone on the payroll.  They just do not care any more about customers.  No business can survive without customers.  It may take a long time, but, sooner or later, they all fail when they treat people like this.

The level of disrespect inherent in a system that has people who know they sell things that don’t work and they keep doing it?!?

Due to budget constraints, on rare occasions I’ll keep buying their low margin items like food, pharmaceuticals, and pet supplies at other locations, but they can keep the rest.  And they can plywood over the doors on this closest mislabeled land fill for all I care, I won’t be back.
* Anti-caring – as in far beyond uncaring.  They go out of their way to not care.  Uncaring is just not being bothered to try caring.

Comedian Calls Out Progressive Insurance for Defending His Sister’s Killer; Progressive Responds in Heartless Robot Fashion

Comedian Calls Out Progressive Insurance for Defending His Sister’s Killer; Progressive Responds in Heartless Robot Fashion

Louis Peitzman

With a title as provocative as “My Sister Paid Progressive Insurance to Defend Her Killer In Court,” comedian Matt Fisher’s Tumblr post was bound to get attention.

And that’s a good thing: Fisher details the kind of bureaucratic insurance company nightmare that sounds too awful to be real.

In June of 2010, his sister Katie was killed in a car accident. She had a green light and the other driver ran the red — fault was clear. The other driver’s insurance company settled with Katie’s estate immediately, but because the driver was underinsured, the payment was not much. Based on the Progressive policy Katie had purchased, Progressive was required to pay the difference.

At which point we learned the first surprising thing about Progressive: Carrying Progressive insurance and getting into an accident does not entitle you to the value of your insurance policy. It just pisses off Progressive’s lawyers. Here I address you, Prospective Progressive Insurance Customer: someday when you have your accident, I promise that there will be enough wiggle room for Progressive’s bottomless stack of in-house attorneys to make a court case out of it and to hammer at that court case until you or your surviving loved ones run out of money.

Progressive refused to pay, which meant Katie’s parents had to pursue legal action. But in Maryland, you can’t sue an insurance company for denying compensation. The parents’ next move was to sue the other driver — something they did not want to do — just so they could establish his negligence and force Progressive to pay Katie’s policy.

That’s when things took a turn for the “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

At the trial, the guy who killed my sister was defended by Progressive’s legal team.

If you are insured by Progressive, and they owe you money, they will defend your killer in court in order to not pay you your policy.

Incidentally, the other driver was found to be negligent, which means Progressive will be forced to pay at some vague point in the future. That’s after putting the Fisher family through a tremendous amount of emotional and financial strain.

OK, insurance companies are evil. This is, sadly, nothing new. But Matt Fisher’s documentation of such an extreme case got the internet’s attention — his post was reblogged, tweeted, and shared, until Progressive was finally forced to respond.

They did an impressively crappy job of it.

Here is the automated response tweeted from Progressive’s account:

This is a tragic case, and our sympathies go out to Mr. Fisher and his family for the pain they’ve had to endure. We fully investigated this claim and relevant background, and feel we properly handled the claim within our contractual obligations. Again, this is a tragic situation, and we’re sorry for everything Mr. Fisher and his family have gone through.

I say automated, because this was tweeted over and over again to Progressive’s critics. No variation, just the TwitLonger link. As of this writing, it has been posted 16 times.

It doesn’t help that Progressive mascot Flo’s smiling face is next to each copy-pasted tweet. Though surely unintentional, it adds insult to injury.

[Image via Twitter]

via Comedian Calls Out Progressive Insurance for Defending His Sister’s Killer; Progressive Responds in Heartless Robot Fashion.

Man accused of shoplifting ethics textbook – Probably Bad News


Probably Bad News: If Only He Had Read It – FAIL Nation – Just classic fails.

The Consumerist » At This Walmart, Three Equals Five


The Consumerist » At This Walmart, Three Equals Five.

Some folks may not want such things so close.


8f9xQ.jpg (JPEG Image, 612 × 612 pixels).

The Consumerist » AT&T Tech Support Thinks I’m Two Inches Tall And Live Inside My PO Box

AT&T tech support thinks that Aaron is a very small man. A few inches tall, at most. He could live in a dollhouse. That’s because his billing address is a post office box. He was very interested to learn that receiving mail there means that he is making calls from inside the PO Box, which is probably why his signal is so terrible. Not that he can tell, because he’s probably crushed under his phone somewhere.

He originally posted this on Facebook to delight and amuse his friends.

Ok AT&T…

I think I need to come work for your Tier 2 Technical Support.

Why you ask?

Because the Tier 1 tech support person told me…

“Well, [you’re] probably getting bad service in the area because you have your billing address listed as a PO Box.”

Shocked at what I just heard, I replied politely with “So, because I have my *bill* sent to a PO Box instead of my physical location, my *phones* won’t work right?”

She replied with “Yes. If you’re using your phone in the PO Box, then you’re probably having issues with the structure you’re in interfering with the signal”

Having the image of a super large PO Box from which I’m trying to make cell phone calls in my head and trying not to laugh out loud at her, I explained to her a little more pointedly “I will not accept the fact that just because the address on my bill is not where I physically use the phone that this affects service. I know you probably are just reading me a response, so I understand why you may have said that. But, I’m not going to accept that as the answer.”

This was the point at which she replied “I didn’t read that response, sir.”


After that, I was promptly sent to Tier 2 support, the tech which was very friendly, gave me a few tests to run, couldn’t figure out the problem and sent it on to Tier 3 support for the to get back with me in a few days once they send a tech out to the tower.

In summary, that single-handedly had to be THE poorest “make something up just to get them off the phone” tech support excuse I’ve heard since I first called a tech support line over 20 years ago… and the scariest part was that it was a domestic telephone operator!

To be fair, “basic understanding of how the world works” isn’t a required class in high school or in tech support phone rep school.

via The Consumerist » AT&T Tech Support Thinks I’m Two Inches Tall And Live Inside My PO Box.

19 Really Bad Family Feud Answers – Mental Floss


1. Name something you’d do tonight if the world was coming to an end tomorrow.

“Get the kids and pack.”

2. During what month of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant?


3. Name a reason for kneeling.

“To be beheaded.”

4. Name a famous or fictional Willy.

“Willy the Pooh.”

5. Name something you open other than a door.



6. Name something you squeeze.

“Peanut butter.”

7. Name a famous Dick.


8. Name a boy mentioned in nursery rhymes.

“Little Red Riding-Hood.”

9. Name something you hit when it’s not working.

“Your spouse.”

10. Name something associated with Liverpool.

“The yellow brick road.”

11. Name a body part beginning with the letter N.


12. Name a famous bridge.

“Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

13. Name a domesticated animal.


14. Name a famous brother and sister.

“Bonnie and Clyde.”

15. Name something you do in the bathroom.


16. Name something that comes in 7s.


17. Name a city named after a president.

“Carson City.”

18. Name something slippery.

“A con man.”

19. Name something orange.

“A banana.”

Bonus: “Turkey.”

19 Really Bad Family Feud Answers – Mental Floss.

The Giant Sausage PR problem – Probably Bad News: And What are You Supposed to Be? – FAIL Nation – Just classic fails


Probably Bad News: And What are You Supposed to Be? – FAIL Nation – Just classic fails.

Exploding toilet, no Mythbusters required – Flushmate Recalls Flushmate® III Pressure-Assisted Flushing System Due to Impact and Laceration Hazards

Name of Product: Flushmate® III Pressure-Assist Flushing System

Units: About 2,330,600 in the U.S. and 9,400 in Canada

Manufacturer: Flushmate, of New Hudson, Mich., a division of Sloan Valve Company

Hazard: The system can burst at or near the vessel weld seam releasing stored pressure. This pressure can lift the tank lid and shatter the tank, posing impact or laceration hazards to consumers and property damage.

Incidents/Injuries: Flushmate has received 304 reports of the product bursting, resulting in property damage and 14 impact or laceration injuries.

Description: This recall is for Series 503 Flushmate® III Pressure Assist flushing systems installed inside toilet tanks. The recalled systems were manufactured from October 1997 to February 2008. The units are rectangular, black, two-piece vessels made of injection molded plastic. The date code/serial number is 16 characters long and is located on the label on the top of the Flushmate III. The first six numerals of the serial number are the date code. The date code range for this recall begins with 101497 (October 14, 1997) and continues through 022908 (February 29, 2008).

Sold at: The Home Depot and Lowe’s stores, distributors and plumbing contractors nationwide for about $108, and sold to toilet manufacturers including American Standard, Crane, Eljer, Gerber, Kohler, Mansfield and St. Thomas.

Manufactured in: United States

Remedy: Consumers should immediately turn off the water supply to the recalled Flushmate III unit and stop using the system. Consumers should contact the firm to determine if their Flushmate III serial number is included in the recall and to request a free repair kit.

via Flushmate Recalls Flushmate® III Pressure-Assisted Flushing System Due to Impact and Laceration Hazards.

Iraq vet screwed on mortage – picture says it all


Mobile Uploads

Mobile Uploads.

Awkward Names, Cooking With Poo


Awkward Names, Cooking With Poo.

Anti-War Activist Refuses To Rent Apartment To Iraq-Afghanistan Vet « CBS Boston

If renting an apartment to someone who served the country to help protect her right to be an asshole is such a bad thing, Janice Roberts needs to get to hell out of Boston, Massachusetts, and in fact the whole damn United States. She wouldn’t HAVE an apartment to rent in the first place if people like this didn’t serve our country. If she isn’t comfortable with how the country used his service, she needs to take that up with the government, not take it out on this guy.  May karma be swift and vicious.

There is a video if you click through.

BOSTON (CBS) – A Massachusetts veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has filed a civil rights lawsuit against an anti-war activist who declined to rent him an apartment.

Sgt. Joel Morgan, 29, tried to rent a two-bedroom apartment in the Savin Hill section of Dorchester from 63-year-old Janice Roberts.

“I’ve been deployed so many times, I really haven’t had much of a home,” he told WBZ-TV.

 Anti War Activist Refuses To Rent Apartment To Iraq Afghanistan Vet

Morgan didn’t get the apartment.

According to the lawsuit, Roberts told Morgan his war service and her peace activism presented a “conflict of interest.”

“Because of what you told me about the Iraq war… we are very adamant about our beliefs… it’s just not comfortable for us… and I’m sure now that you know this, it would not be comfortable for you,” Roberts said in a voicemail to Morgan.

“I would suggest you do the right thing and look for a place less politically active or controversial.”

The divorced father has a young son and is training to be a Boston firefighter so he needs to live in town.

He was shocked and confused and that led him to sue.

“I’ve never been in that situation (being turned down for an apartment),  so it was like, ‘I don’t understand what you mean, I just want to give you a check and rent an apartment,” Morgan told WBZ-TV.

“(It) just really, really disgusted me,” he said.

“It really freaked me out that ‘Is this what I’m going to be facing?  Should I not let people know that I’m a combat vet?’”

WBZ was not able to reach Roberts for comment.

Military service members and veterans are part of a protected class in Massachusetts and, therefore, they cannot be discriminated against.

Morgan has since found another apartment to rent.

Anti-War Activist Refuses To Rent Apartment To Iraq-Afghanistan Vet « CBS Boston.

There Is No Reason to Believe This Story Didn’t Happen Exactly as It Was Told – Funny Facebook Status Messages and Facebook Fails


There Is No Reason to Believe This Story Didn’t Happen Exactly as It Was Told – Funny Facebook Status Messages and Facebook Fails.

Police: Mom leaves baby on top of car, drives off – USATODAY.com

PHOENIX – A 19-year-old mother is under arrest on child abuse and aggravated DUI charges after police say she left her five-week-old baby strapped in a car seat on top of her car and drove off.

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The child is said to be in good condition and now in custody of Arizona Child Protective Services.

At about 1 a.m. Saturday, Phoenix police officers got calls that a baby was in a car seat in the middle of a road.

Phoenix Fire Department officials found the baby and took him to a local hospital. He was “perfectly OK,” said Officer James Holmes, spokesman for Phoenix police.

Holmes said the mother, Catalina Clauser, had apparently been smoking marijuana late Friday night at a nearby park with her boyfriend. At about 11 p.m. they left the park to buy some beer. The boyfriend was arrested on aggravated DUI charges while on the way, Holmes said.

An upset Clauser then reportedly went to a friend’s house where, she admitted, she smoked more marijuana, Holmes said. By midnight, Clauser left the house with the baby asleep in the car seat.

She realized the baby was missing when she reached home. That’s when Clauser called her friends and asked them to trace the route she had taken. The friends ran into the officers who had already found the baby. Clauser arrived there shortly thereafter and was arrested, Holmes said.

via Police: Mom leaves baby on top of car, drives off – USATODAY.com.

Bieber Knocks Himself Out Slamming Into Glass Wall – Singer suffers concussion in Paris accident

So, tell me please, how am I NOT supposed to think of Forrest Gump quotes after hearing about this? “Stupid is as stupid does,” comes to mind first for instance.  And he got a freaking concussion?!?  I feel sure he’ll be on Smoking Gun presents World’s Dumbest yet, and not as a presenter.

(NEWSER) – More bad news for Justin Bieber: He knocked himself out after crashing into a glass wall in Paris. The singer walked headlong into the wall shortly before his last number at a private performance in an undisclosed highrise in the city.

via Bieber Knocks Himself Out Slamming Into Glass Wall – Singer suffers concussion in Paris accident.

They REALLY need to lay off fewer editors…

JR Raphael - Google+ - Um...

JR Raphael – Google+ – Um….

Bridge over troubled waters leaves its mark on luxury liner in China | Metro.co.uk

The Pearl No.7 – which is as tall as a seven-storey building – sailed straight into disaster as she tried to pass under a bridge.

Luckily no one was hurt, but the boat came out a little shorter than when she went in – losing a chimney in the collision in east China on Wednesday.

via Bridge over troubled waters leaves its mark on luxury liner in China | Metro.co.uk.

FedEx – Never missing the chance to screw you

Waiting for a package shipped by FedEx.  It arrived at the local FedEx site YESTERDAY(Tuesday) in spite of being scheduled for Thursday delivery.  UPS would have had it here, but they weren’t an option.  Get a load of this from the FexEx website:

5/21/2012 17:33
Picked up
5/21/2012 17:39
Left FedEx origin facility BELLINGHAM, WA
5/21/2012 20:56
Shipment information sent to FedEx
5/22/2012 5:00
At destination sort facility PORTLAND, OR
5/22/2012 6:59
At local FedEx facility PORTLAND, OR
5/22/2012 7:05
On FedEx vehicle for delivery PORTLAND, OR
5/22/2012 16:48
At local FedEx facility PORTLAND, OR Package not due for delivery
5/22/2012 16:50
At local FedEx facility PORTLAND, OR

Yes, that’s correct – they had my package on the truck for delivery yet went out of their way to bring it back to their office because it wasn’t scheduled for delivery yet!!!

In the future, I will no longer shop with vendors who insist on FedEx, since FedEx will obviously go out of their way to screw you given half a chance.

Note: FedEx web site data was edited in Excel to make it presentably coherent, then sorted chronologically.  No data alteration was done whatsoever.

Update 5/24/12

AND… for the second consecutive day, the package was out for delivery on the truck yesterday and returned to the office AGAIN because it STILL wasn’t Thursday yet.

5/23/2012 6:54
On FedEx vehicle for delivery
5/23/2012 12:03
Delivery exception PORTLAND, OR Customer not available or business closed
5/23/2012 15:17
At local FedEx facility PORTLAND, OR Package not due for delivery
5/23/2012 17:09
At local FedEx facility PORTLAND, OR

This is even more perplexing, given the line about “not available” – how would they know if they didn’t show up because the package wasn’t due to be delivered?!?  There was certainly no notice left behind that they’d tried to deliver as is usual.  Or does day two of not delivering a package THAT WAS ON THE DELIVERY TRUCK mean we have to come up with TWO of the world’s MOST LAME EXCUSES?!?

Update 5/24/12 – package finally delivered at 10:28 AM.  Customer happy?  Hell NO!

Not-From-Concentrate… – Awkward Names


Awkward Names, Not-From-Concentrate….