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The pot of gold was replaced with… an SUV?


Finding the End WIN – Cheezburger.


Stapler WIN – Cheezburger


Stapler WIN – Cheezburger.

Deer Towers WIN – Cheezburger


Deer Towers WIN – Cheezburger.

Bath Robe WIN – Cheezburger

Bath Robe WIN – Cheezburger.

Sassy Key WIN – Cheezburger


Sassy Key WIN – Cheezburger.

Cheat Sheet Placemat


TECHNICS - Google+ - Cheat Sheet Placemat

TECHNICS – Google+ – Cheat Sheet Placemat.

Chewey? Did you change the wipers?


The Nerd Code - Google+ - #dreams Imagination

The Nerd Code – Google+ – #dreams Imagination.

Doctor Who meets Star Wars


Bucky O'Hair - Google+ - #starwarstuesday #doctorwho #doctorwhocircle #doctorwhofans…

Bucky O’Hair – Google+ – #starwarstuesday #doctorwho #doctorwhocircle #doctorwhofans….

I Can Be Next Companion? – Cheezburger


Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: I Can Be Next Companion? – Cheezburger.

Cookie Cutouts WIN – Cheezburger


Cookie Cutouts WIN – Cheezburger.

Eggs WIN – Cheezburger


Eggs WIN – Cheezburger.

This month VS Star Wars


The Nerd Code - Google+ - #nasa   #geekhumor   #marscuriosity   #starwars …

The Nerd Code – Google+ – #nasa   #geekhumor   #marscuriosity   #starwars ….

X-Wing Fighter from Office Supplies


X-Wing Fighter from Office Supplies.

These boxes are the same color – Photos – Google+

Photos – Google+.

Science in action!


4947989561_f25d8cfefc_b.jpg (JPEG Image, 683 × 1024 pixels) – Scaled (92%).

Do you see the cat’s eyes?? +CATURDAY – Very Funny ► – Google+


Very Funny ► - Google+ - Do you see the cat's eyes ?? +CATURDAY

Very Funny ► – Google+ – Do you see the cat’s eyes ?? +CATURDAY.

An Unexpected Ass Kicking | Blog Of Impossible Things

An Unexpected Ass Kicking | Blog Of Impossible Things

(Photo by Joel Runyon, licensed CC-BY-3.0)
Want to mess with your mind? Without the man in the photo, the photo of this man wouldn’t exist. *mind blown*

Follow the link to read the whole article, well worth the time! An Unexpected Ass Kicking | Blog Of Impossible Things.

No Soliciting WIN – Cheezburger – BETA


No Soliciting WIN – Cheezburger – BETA.

Backyard shed/Tardis – Boing Boing

Backyard shed/Tardis

By Cory Doctorow at 7:00 pm Wednesday, Jul 25

Einstein19 built this home Tardis shed and matching dalek ten years ago, but only recently published it on Tardisbuilders*. It’s a magnificent piece — I only wish I could access the Tardisbuilder forum where it appears, as I’d love to see the interior!

TARDIS shed and Dalek (via Neatorama)

*The existence of an online community for people who make their own Tardises is itself a rather wonderful thing, quite separate from Einstein19’s considerable accomplishment

via Backyard shed/Tardis – Boing Boing.

Mock-medieval castle is a £19m slice of England in America’s Deep South | Metro.co.uk



A mock-medieval castle in America’s Deep South comes complete with a horse farm, ballroom and 94 hectares of land.

Living in a castle rarely comes cheap – and this huge, mock-medieval mansion is no exception.

The property – a 16-room luxury hotel – is on the market for £19million, complete with an adjoining horse farm and 94 hectares (232 acres) of land.

The palatial home, which is near the Kentucky city of Versailles, is also perfect for entertaining.

It has its own grand ballroom, swimming pool and tennis courts, while those who want to relive a bygone era can hit the rooftop shuffleboard court, indulging in a game which was once popular with King Henry VIII.

Meanwhile, in the guest rooms, wood- burning fireplaces allow residents to snuggle up in front of roaring fires as they indulge their fantasies of living in a historic castle.

The huge property was modelled on a medieval castle when work was started in 1969. But it has had a chequered history since, having never been fully completed before a fire destroyed part of the building in 2004.

The castle was then transformed into a luxury hotel, the Castle Post, which opened in 2008.

Set in the countryside in the southern American state famous for its whiskey and horse racing, two other buildings are included in the asking price.

Mock-medieval castle is a £19m slice of England in America’s Deep South | Metro.co.uk.