Car smashes into couple’s upstairs bedroom in Epsom, Surrey, as they sleep |

A couple had a rude awakening after an out-of-control car ‘flew 80ft through the air’ and into their upstairs bedroom as they slept.

The homeowners were asleep in the early hours of Sunday morning when the silver coloured Lexus took flight, completely destroying one side of the property in Epsom, Surrey.

Police said the vehicle mounted a parked Audi before hitting the side of the house, causing ‘considerable damage’ to the pair’s master bedroom.

One shocked neighbour explained how the car sounded like ‘a plane falling out of the sky’ when it crashed into the house.

The driver of the car and two passengers were taken to hospital with minor injuries after the crash which also caused damage to five cars, a post box and a fence.

A police spokesman said: ‘We are appealing for witnesses after a car collided with the first floor of a house in Epsom in the early hours.

‘Part of the house has been destroyed following the incident, which took place around 3am in Bridge Road.

‘It is believed that the car, a silver Lexus, came round a bend on the approach to the address, mounting the front of an Audi parked outside before colliding with the side of the house.

‘Considerable damage was caused to the master bedroom, where the occupants were asleep at the time, and the en-suite bathroom. However, all occupants of the house escaped uninjured.’

A structural engineer was also called to the property to examine whether it is safe enough to re-enter.

‘It sounded like what I would imagine a plane coming out of the sky would,’ explained one neighbour.

‘I think it flew about 80ft before it came to a rest in the side of the house.

‘The family inside were so incredibly lucky to escape without a scratch.

‘It actually went into the couple’s bedroom and their two children were asleep next door.’

While another added: ‘Bridge Road is on a very tight junction and it looks to me that the driver may have been speeding and taken the corner too quickly.’

Car smashes into couple’s upstairs bedroom in Epsom, Surrey, as they sleep |