Welcome to Walmart electronics where we have a ZERO percent batting average!

A couple of weeks back I picked up a couple of pair of speakers at Wal-Mart.  I didn’t need anything special or high-end, just something less tinny sounding than my cell phone’s built-in speaker.  Two different models/styles (same brand, neither hailing from Bentonville Arkansas, a/k/a store brand) suitable for the locations where they were to reside.  One pair had noise so low I had to turn off the air conditioner to notice any output AT ALL  The other pair weren’t as loud as the first.  On multiple cell phones and a computer that work well with other headsets and speakers.

Finally got around to bringing them back today.  In a bag.  To a store whose service desk is 20 feet away from its rat maze in which we unfortunate idiots who are forced (through our own stupidity) to need their “service” must queue.  From 15 feet away she knew what was in my bag and why.  FROM FIFTEEN FEET AWAY.  IN AN OPAQUE BAG.

I gave up on the idea of both that brand and unamplified speakers.  Found a pair of powered speakers in the computer section. Too large and ugly for the second place, but adequate for one.  While I’m there I figured I could get a cd/clock/radio to replace my son’s dysfunctional one.  Neither of which are the same crap brand as the first speakers.

Tried the clock radio first.  DOES. NOT. EVEN. POWER. ON.  I’m not repacking this crap, it’s going back in a pile of rubble as is.  Along with that other pair of speakers, unopened and untested.  ZERO for THREE?!?  I’m not even going to bother with the fourth try.  It’s just not worth my time and energy to unpack all that crap, put everything together, and try it just to not have it work like the last three items.

Moral of the story: you will not save ANY money by buying electronics at Wal-Mart.  If you include the value of your time you will come out behind every time.

I will most certainly NEVER return to this store because of this, as well as the last trip a snotty cashier who wouldn’t accept a legitimate coupon on an item it qualified for (for a bank breaking $.75 to the world’s largest retailer), and the just general ANTI-caring* way people are treated in this refuse bin.

And since no single store sells anything without it being approved and/or mandated by corporate HQ, they have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt there is no one alive and still employed at Wal-Mart HQ that Sam Walton would have allowed in the building, let alone on the payroll.  They just do not care any more about customers.  No business can survive without customers.  It may take a long time, but, sooner or later, they all fail when they treat people like this.

The level of disrespect inherent in a system that has people who know they sell things that don’t work and they keep doing it?!?

Due to budget constraints, on rare occasions I’ll keep buying their low margin items like food, pharmaceuticals, and pet supplies at other locations, but they can keep the rest.  And they can plywood over the doors on this closest mislabeled land fill for all I care, I won’t be back.
* Anti-caring – as in far beyond uncaring.  They go out of their way to not care.  Uncaring is just not being bothered to try caring.