The Consumerist » Deli Imposes $3 ‘Yapping On Phone While Ordering’ Surcharge

We don’t have a “Consumerist Hero Citation,” but if we did, it would go to the person at this Vermont deli who had the idea to impose a $3 fine for yapping on one’s cell phone while trying to order at the counter. “$3 will be added to your total if you fail to GET OFF YOUR PHONE while at the counter. IT’S RUDE,” the sign reads.

And it works. Reader Lenny, who noticed the sign, wrote to Consumerist, “I asked about it and they said they zapped an average of one customer a day for talking on a cell phone while ordering a sandwich.” Well, that’s an income booster. He added, “They also said that other businesses in the area are adopting the rule.”

via The Consumerist » Deli Imposes $3 ‘Yapping On Phone While Ordering’ Surcharge.