‘Hashpoint’ dispenser allows users to pick up cannabis 24 hours a day | Metro.co.uk

It’s every stoner’s dream – a marijuana vending machine, preferably placed right next to another one dispensing crisps and chocolate bars.

Machines will be housed in cages, and can only be accessed via a valid registration card and finger-print identification. (Picture: Splashnews)

But this ‘Autospense’ machine lets registered users of the drug pick up their prescriptions, 24 hours a day.

Sixteen US states – as well as Washington DC – allow patients with certain medical conditions to buy small quantities of cannabis.

Hundreds of dispensaries have popped up across the country, but now a US firm has decided to cut out the middle man.

Customers get PINs and cards to access to the Autospense, which offers a host of pot menu options. But The Dispensary Group, which makes the machines, doesn’t let just anyone use them.

The machines are put behind cages that need a registration card to get past, while fingerprint authentication, CCTV and locks provide extra security.

The company said the machines ‘introduce a higher standard of efficiency to a market known for being chaotic, poorly managed and counter culture’. It charges up to £1,235 a month to lease the machines.

via ‘Hashpoint’ dispenser allows users to pick up cannabis 24 hours a day | Metro.co.uk.