Tom Bodett’s bid for the huge lottery prize


My Megamillions

Today I bought my first Megamillions lottery tickets ever. Why now? With a 640 million dollar jackpot I figured it was worth it. So I bought 5 tickets. Holding five tickets lowers my odds of winning to a promising 35,200,000 to 1. That’s the same odds as me getting struck by lightning 61 times. But here’s the thing — It’s a cool and sunny day and there are no storms of any kind in the forecast before tonight’s lottery drawing. So I’m not going to get hit my lightning even one time, which means that surely I will have to win the lottery. If you don’t understand that math, then there’s no helping you.

Now all I have to do is decide how to use the money. The kids will get raises on their allowances for sure. I’ll probably get new tires for the van even though I could milk another summer out of them. But that’s just how you roll with that kind of money. I’ll buy something nice for the wife – maybe a Senator or something. The rest, of course, I’ll probably spend on tools. It’s almost enough to get everything I want.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow, when I win, I will post about how it feels. I’m guessing it will be great.



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  1. I’d say good luck, but I want to win.