Does your hotel safe have a security flaw? –

The hotel safe you use to stash your passport, laptop and other valuables might have a major security flaw, according to a traveler’s video highlighted by Web tracker

In his video headlined, “Don’t Trust Your Hotel Room Safe,” traveler “skyrangerpro” shows himself unlocking his hotel room’s safe by entering all zeros.

The hotel room is not identified in his video.

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He was given the “000000” security code by the front desk when he told them he’d forgotten the password he’d previously chosen.

Video leaves travelers unsure about hotel safes

Many travelers who use hotel safes found the video shocking.

It received more than 300,000 views in the two days since its upload, tells us. Other prominent blogs such as Reddit and The Next Web also wrote about it.

Hotel Check-In reader Lin Humphrey says the video will change his behavior.

“That is scary. I rely on those safes to keep me from having to carry around valuables in distant cities. I will test 0000 before putting a computer or valuable in there,” he told me this morning via Twitter.

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Are all hotel safes truly risky?

It’s not entirely clear how widespread it is for a hotel to have a default code such as “00000.” spoke with Rob Goff, a customer service rep at safe manufacturing company LockState, and found that this isn’t the norm:

Being able to unlock a hotel safe by entering in all zeros, he said, is pure “negligence on the hotel’s part.” Goff said that every safe has a factory code, whether it is all zeros or all ones, and it is each hotel’s responsibility to reset this factory code when they take the safe out of the box.

How many hotels don’t reset the factory code? Do Hilton and Starwood hotels do a better job of this than Hyatt or Marriott hotels, or vice versa? No way to know.

So here’s what I’d like to ask you today:

Readers: How much do you trust your hotel safe? Do you even use them?