‘Hoovering can lower sperm count’ | Metro.co.uk

Scientists have given men the perfect excuse to get out of doing the housework – by claiming a spot of hoovering could threaten their fertility levels.

Electrical goods including microwave ovens could seriously affect a man’s chances of having children, a new study has claimed.

Housework can lower a mna's sperm count, according to scientists Housework can lower a mna’s sperm count, according to scientists

During an experiment in which volunteers were exposed to high levels of electromagnetic fields pumped out by household appliances, men were found to have a lower quality of sperm.

Dr Li, of California’s Stanford University said: “I would advise men and couples trying for a baby to reduce their exposure to electromagnetic fields as much as possible.

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t use a microwave but it makes sense to turn it on, then move away and go back when it is done. Keep devices, especially those with electric motors, away from baby.”

The study used 148 sperm donors at a sperm bank in Shanghai with tests showing that 76 had poor sperm mobility, shape or count, while 72 had good-quality sperm.

Participants wore meters which took readings of magnetic fields every four seconds for 24 hours on days they considered “typical”.

Half the group who had peak readings above 0.16 microtesla – a measure of magnetic field strength – were twice as likely to have a low sperm quality as those with lower readings.

Referring to the results, due to be published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology, Dr Li said: “This is the first study to show a link between measured electromagnetic fields and poor semen quality in humans, which may provide a logical explanation for why we have seen reductions in sperm quality in men over the past century.”

In previous studies, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, a poor diet, drug use and obesity have all been shown to reduce sperm count.