Snow Strands 7 People in British Pub for 8 Days – There are worse ways to wait out a blizzard

(Newser) – If you have to be stuck in a blizzard for eight days, you may as well be stuck in a pub. That’s where seven people rode out a recent snowstorm in Britain, the BBC reports. A couple and five staff members wiled away the hours at the Lion Inn predictably at first, but on the third day, people stopped drinking as much, says the chef. “We haven’t been getting ratty,” he adds. “We have been getting on with little jobs, having our tea, a drink, playing games, and then going to bed.”

They were stuck until last night, and fortunately, the pub is also a bed and breakfast—so they didn’t have to sleep on the bar. They even had access to wireless internet, TV, food, and makeshift beer tray sleds; even so, it got old. “We have had people phoning up asking to get trapped in,” says the chef, “but it’s kind of boring now and I would like to go home.”