Crows are scary smart


Is it time for a new Kid President?

Under the Obama administration we got this wonderful Kid President:



Does that mean under Trump we’ll get a new Kid President?


You Don’t Want to Be on My Bad Side – Cheezburger

18 hurt after balloon crashes into electric wires in Turkey – NY Daily News

This Bacon Ice Cream Sandwich Is Quite Literally The Dessert To End All Desserts – OMG Facts – The World’s #1 Fact Source

Monday, June 29, 2015

I’m Very Fogone About My Poor Aim – Cheezburger

I’m Very Fogone About My Poor Aim – Cheezburger.

Photographic Evidence of Water on Mercury

Photographic Evidence of Water on Mercury – Cheezburger.

The Round Table

The Round Table – Cheezburger.

Pardon, have you seen a donkey by chance?

Last I Heard He Was Trying to Dig a Pony – Cheezburger.

Sir-Prize! – Cheezburger

Sir-Prize! – Cheezburger.

Draw Bridge

SMP CLASSIC: Draw Bridge – Cheezburger.

Dear Algebra – Cheezburger

Dear Algebra – Cheezburger.

Chicken Cordon Bleu


Chicken Cordon Bleu – Cheezburger.

Ariel Attack!


Ariel Attack! – Cheezburger.

The pot of gold was replaced with… an SUV?


Finding the End WIN – Cheezburger.

iPun – Cheezburger


iPun – Cheezburger.

So That Means Cow Pies are Really Made Out Of…!


So That Means Cow Pies are Really Made Out Of…! – Cheezburger.